Where are we?

Near the old German town of Kribi, 180 kilometers south of Douala, the economical capital of Cameroon, lays a small fishing village called Bwambe. There, at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean, in the midst of palm trees and tropical flowers, you will find a small paradise: Hotel Ilomba. No street noise. Singing birds wake you in the morning, and during the night, the crickets and nearby waves sing their concerto and remind us that we are left undisturbed by miles and miles of calm.


Built in the 1980’s, Hotel Ilomba has tried its best to preserve the surrounding natural environment.

This legacy has continued to this day. In essence, much of the regional wood is used in the construction and in the decoration as well. Each and every individual room is named after specific Cameroonian rainforest trees, for example, Padouk, Sipo, and Bubinga. We want our esteemed guests to get acquainted with the splendor of African wood.

Even the name Ilomba stands for a local forest tree. Ilomba wood is not one of the most valuable of timbers, it is rather used for boxes and containers. In the same way, Hotel Ilomba’s value are our guests.

Since the beginning we have made sure to use only local materials and products to help sustain the local economy by using furniture made from African wood, beddings from pure Cameroonian cotton, locally grown fruits and vegetables, locally brewed beers, an exquisite list of South African winery, strictly locally produced poultry and meat, and of course, our fresh Atlantic fish.

Vision & Concept

For us, the most valuable thing on earth is nature in its essential form. To preserve this nature and to sustain it is our most important goal and yet our biggest challenge. We believe that our guests can experience a harmony with this natural world far away from any disturbances.

Our mission is to create a trustworthy environment wherein we can train personnel in the best conditions in order to serve our clientele with utmost customer satisfaction. We would also like that our local employees become aware of how beautiful their country is and how they can transform these existing values into positive return.


We offer you a professional team that is ready to serve and happy to meet your needs; the rich African culture and the know-how of the Swiss management work together to guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Ilomba provides first rate accommodation as well as delectable local and international cuisine; enjoy a green papaya salad while on the beach, or sit in for a special treat in one of its two restaurants: Le Baobab and Le Bambou. Our entire team will be pleased to welcome you.