In front of the hotel stretches a wide sandy beach inviting you for a walk. In the neighboring village of Grand Batanga, three kilometers south from Ilomba, you will find the most secluded beaches of the region. There you pass a day enjoying the beach, eat grilled fish and drink fresh coconut milk.

The Waterfalls

On a ten minute walk along the beach you can reach the famous Lobe waterfalls, a fresh water river falling over rocks into the Atlantic. This phenomenon can be experienced in only two places in the world. This site is so unique that it has been recently proposed by UNESCO to be a part of the Patrimony of Humanity.

Tourist Attractions

The Cathedral : A cathedral built by the first German settlers one century ago.

Lighthouse “Le Phare”: 2006 celebrated the 100th year of this lighthouse that sits in the bay of Kribi.

Campo : Around 75 km south of Kribi, this town is the border town to Equatorial Guinea.

Pygmies : A one-hour canoe ride up the Lobe river will bring you to the first pygmy camp. Other settlements follow further up. While walking though the dense forest to the camp, the use of medicinal trees and plants is explained by the guide.

Local Markets : Colorful local markets with spices, fish, and African cloth are located in the town center and are worthwhile visiting. Highly populated, they reflect the culture of the country.


The beaches near Hotel Ilomba are home to an endangered specimen of sea turtle. With the help of various non-governmental organizations, Hotel Ilomba strives to protect this rare sea creature. The region also hosts many species of beautiful birds that attract birdwatchers from all over the world.


Our team will be more than happy to help you organize your expedition. For tips and more information, or tailored excursions, don’t hesitate to ask us upon your arrival.